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A Seattle Photographer reaches out to represent the rest of the world

21 Oct

Bryan Kopp is a self-thought photographer who is a questioner and traveler at heart. His curiosity has helped him to develop a strong passion for the unknown, particularity speaking about the mystery “of the other.” Kopp was forced to think “outside the box,” while trying to figure out different ways through which he could represent the unique layers to one’s identity, from the ethnic to the cultural aspect. And so, he used what he knew best, his camera.


 (Photograph by Anna Goren of Bryan Kopp)

This is when his project “Survey of the world” was born. Today his project serves as a tool, through which he is able to collect different multicultural images, representing personal views and identities, while reflecting on the specific characterization of those geographical places. Kopp believes that interpreting these multicultural perspectives is incredibly important, because it broadens the outsider’s point of view about the surrounding world.

When I asked Bryan what differentiates him from other photographers, he answered: “I don’t know exactly what differentiates me from others, but what I do know is that I always try to create a space where people can simply be themselves, I listen to the unique truths of each subject and then I reveal the authentic quality of each one, which can be frequently overlooked.”

(Photograph by Bryan Kopp, Rwanda)

Kopp’s travel experiences have thought him that he is not only the messenger, but he is also the representative of American culture around the world. He understands, that many people in other parts of the world view Americans as “fat” and “ignorant,” the typical stereotype, but he challenges that singular assumption. He engages in global conversation, he spreads awareness and he builds strong multicultural relationships. Kopp represents through his work the distinctive differences between continents. The “project” has broadened his awareness and deepened his consciousness. Photography has become his primary means for connecting with people, anyone and everyone. He has found that sharing/exploring a different perspective is the best way to actively cultivate more respect and understanding of the world. Through his work, of still images, Kopp challenges a variety of viewers and their assumptions of the world. His work represents, class, race, gender and emotion, through which we connect, understanding the value of acceptance. He represents minorities. He delivers these truths to us, now it’s our time to think outside the box.

(Photograph by Bryan Kopp, Kenya)

Kopp has already traveled and photographed people from many countries, such as: Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Canada, U.K. and U.S. “Survey of the world” is an ongoing project and he hopes to be able to complete it in about 3-4 years. In the meantime, he will continue to explore the world…

His ardor for photography allowed him to represent “the other,” what is your way?

SimonaS. Trakiyska is a journalist, freelance writer and a world traveler with a global mindset. She is based in the Pacific Northwest and her focus is on international affairs, political issues and human rights. She is passionate about ethnic equality and global respect.
You can contact her on Twitter @Simonatrak.