Some Stay, Others Go

29 Oct

(Photograph by Simona Trakiyska by Daoming Li)

Daoming Li said that since the first time he step-a-foot on the ground of United States he felt welcomed. But don’t be mistaken, that did not mean that he jumped over the barriers of cultural difficulties. As an outsider, such as many immigrants and international students he faced different challenges while getting used to, to the language, to the style of communication and to the cuisine. Often “the outsiders” have to leave their families behind.

Yes, this is the cost when one tries to pursue better life, carrier or education.

Being accepted at the University of Washington is the stepping-stone for Li. His decision to pursue double major in Communications and Political Science was for one particular reason, to go back to China and promote objective news reporting. Major difference between the education in China and America, Li says, is the way that the Social Sciences subjects are thought. Students in the U.S. are constantly encouraged to think independently and to develop their own voice, whereas in China this is not the case.

In China Li feels that students must respond to what’s always politically correct, rather then expressing their personal views on a given subject. “Sometimes if I don’t agree, there is no room for us to discuss that or support out views,” says Li.

Li doesn’t believe that there is such a thing as one correct answer, because we all have our own thinking and we all have distinctive views about different issues.

“We don’t encourage different perspectives therefore we have very biased system of news” says Li.

And so, he believes that courses in the Political Science, the Diversity and the Humanity fields are crucial for international students, because they develop broader perspectives, while learning about ethics, politics and objective news reporting. He appreciates how students in the U.S. are encouraged to think independently. Once he graduates Li will return to China hoping to make some positive changes in the media sphere where he will share his experience and knowledge gained in the U-W and the U.S.

Above all, Li says he is lucky, because arrived in Seattle, a city, he agrees can be called – a multidimensional city.

He loves his motherland China and this is why he strives to promote what he believes is best for the nation.

People like Li reflect well on the entrepreneur image of our generation. He works hard to achieve his goals, while being aware that in this journey he will face many challenges. I am impressed with people like him who invest the majority of their time trying to make a difference. That is also despite the facts that people like him have to also overcome many cultural and social barriers. It is always good to see a foreigner who appreciates the benefits of international education.

Studied abroad? What do you think about Li’s story as an international student at the U.S.?

Simona Trakiyska is a journalist, freelance writer and a world traveler with a global mindset. She is based in the Pacific Northwest and her focus is on international affairs, political issues and human rights. She is passionate about ethnic equality and global respect.

You can contact her on Twitter @Simonatrak.

2 Responses to “Some Stay, Others Go”

  1. eunbicho1223 November 6, 2012 at 2:44 pm #

    Being an international student, I feel connected to Li’s story. It’s good to hear that I’m not the only foreigner in UW who strives to be a journalist. Since I also double major in social science (JSIS) and jouranlism,it would fun to meet him and share perspectives we brought from China and Korea. I really enjoyed your blog posts, thanks.

    • globalsighting November 6, 2012 at 5:21 pm #

      Great, I am glad that you enjoyed the story. I can ask him if he would like to meet with you. You can give me a FB or email account which I can forward to him. 🙂 You can direct message me on Twitter @Simonatrak

      More stories coming soon!


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